Land Information System

As per the mandate, the Surveyor General is responsible for establishing and maintaining the Land Information System (LIS) for the country. LIS is a geographic information system that created using the digital data collected through land surveys around the country, by digitizing old plans and by digitizing land parcel boundaries on aerial photographs etc. The LIS has been designed to contain the spatial & non spatial information related to land parcels in Sri Lanka. By fulfilling the above mandatory requirements, the Survey Department (SD) is hosting Land Information Service through its website,

LIS contains data in different accuracies. Accuracy of data purely depends on the method used in data acquisition. Data for LIS being acquired on following themes.

• Field Survey Data

• Data from Digitizing Hard Copies of Old Plan

• Parcel Fabric Data

Field Survey Data:

being collected through the land survey to prepare statutory plans. They are in two types. One is Title Registration Surveys currently being proceeded as “Bimsaviya" and the other one is sporadic landmarking surveys which are carried out; to issue Land Grants, for acquisitions, to execute transaction of the ownership etc.

Data from Digitizing Hard Copies of Old Plans:

are the data collected by digitizing hard copies of old plans drawn manually or by digitizing hard copies of plans where digital data is missing due to various reasons like damages in data storage device or other.

Parcel Fabric Data:

being collected by digitizing land parcels from index maps of the Survey Department, Licensed Surveyors plans and land parcels identified on aerial photographs such as Satellite images, Orthophotos, images from Unman Aerial Vehicles (UAV), parcel boundaries collected using Hand Held GPS and may be identified on other base maps etc.

General public can interactively visualize the individual land parcels with its related attributes. However for private lands, in Cadastral Maps (CMs), the parcel ownership information have been censored for secure purposes until the ownership is decided and published through a Gazette notification by the Land Settlement Department.

The information have been published on the Department WEB and Land Information will be updated for new surveys regularly. However at present, the information are not available on WEB to cover the entire Sri Lanka and it depends on the amount of Data available with the Survey Department at the moment.

The searching facilities are provided based on District or Divisional Secretariat or Grama Niladhari Division wise. The details of the land parcels can be viewed as; the parcel number, extent of land parcel, name of land, land use and the related references. The details of the Land Title certificate issued under the Bimsaviya programme can also be viewed through this web site and it will be very important service for the bankers, real estate mangers, local authorities as well as the general public.

The LIS of a country is a tool for decision making to support land administration processes of that country. Therefore such a system will at the end help for planning and development and thereby to achieve sustainable development status in economic, social and environmental sectors of that country. Our sole aim is to achieve that status for Sri Lanka too.