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With the fast stimulating of the Information and Communication Technologies in day-to-day life, new devices and platforms are providing easy access to the information. Based on the views of the public we try to re-shape our services and therefore, reader comments on our services are welcome to the OPEN FORUM. It is open to All……

   IT Admin
Please contact District Senior Survey Superintendent. He will help you.
Date 2017-09-22   Time 10:23:12

Can I get the survey plan for my land by post or mail?
Date 2017-09-21   Time 20:54:05
   IT Admin
Please contact District Senior Survey Superintendent. He will help you
Date 2017-09-22   Time 10:23:53

a court order was issued ordering the surveyor general to provide a survey of land pertaining to a certain court case. It has been several months since the survey was performed after the court order but the survey documents is still not ready. The court keeps getting adjourned due to the lack of a survey document. How do I get the completed survey document (it has been several months since the survey was done) and why does it take so long to issue one even after having completed the measurements?
Date 2017-09-20   Time 22:44:08
   IT Admin
In which district survey was done?
Date 2017-09-22   Time 10:20:48

   bm bandara
i am a govt surveyor
Date 2017-09-14   Time 00:08:33

   D B Punchihewa
I got a land surveyed by a registered surveyor and purchased the land. Later, I found that the extent is less that 50% of the surveyed plan as a result of a road and road reservation in the FVP. What action I could take against the surveyor to recover the loss?
Date 2017-09-12   Time 11:13:07
   IT Admin
Please complaint to Land Survey Council. Address: Land Survey Council, Surveyor Generals Office, Colombo 05.
Date 2017-09-12   Time 15:09:16

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