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Survey Plans and Diagrams


Survey information is an important requirement for land development and land use planning. An extensive range of current and historical survey documents are available in a variety of formats. Although some documents are available to the general public, the majority are only accessible to authorised users.

A survey plan

  • Whereas Surveying is the process of producing a plan or map of a particular area. A survey plan is the graphical representation, to some scale, of the features on, near or below the surface of the earth as projected on a horizontal plane which is represented by plane of the paper on which the plan is drawn.

     Different types of Plans produced by the Survey Department

  • Title Plans (FOTP,SOTP,VOTP,CQP,Temple TP)
  • Preliminary Plans ( PP, PPA, PPS,)
  • Plans Under settlement ( VP,TOPO PP )
  • Settled Plans ( FVP,FTP,FCP,)


Diagrams are uncertified plans, attached to a grant for land, which has taken the place of Title plans ,Lease Diagrams and Diagrams Plans. Diagrams are divided into six classes as
R- Restricted Grant Diagrams
O-,Ought right  Grant Diagrams
 L-Lease Diagrams
S-Settlement Diagrams
V-Vesting Order Diagrams
M-Mining Right Diagrams
Separate series of numbers is maintained for each of the above classes.  The Diagrams should be drawn

    • At a recognised scale.
    • Prepared in black ink with all data clear and legible.
    • Providing support information as to the basis of the information provided.
    • Showing the position of the object in relation to the boundaries.

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Survey Department Of Sri Lanka

Three awards received by the Survey Department in National Productivity Award Competition in 2015.

1.Provincial Surveyor General Office-North Western - 3rd Place

2.Surveyor Generals Office - Special Commendation

3.Institute of Surveying & Mapping - Special Commendation

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