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Surveyor Genaral's Anniversary Message


Survey Department was established in year 1800 by Colonial Administration for the purpose of identify and separate state and private lands commemorates it’s Two Hundred and Seventeenth anniversary on 2nd August 2017.

Being the pioneer in development, our officers and workers of every rank worked hard all the time silently bearing many hardships in field and their services are to be appreciated. They were in the front of every development project, namely irrigation projects like Galoya, Parakarama Samudra, Kantale, Uda Walawe, Mahaweli Developmet, Yanoya, Weheragala, Deduru Oya Moragahakanda and Highway projects, port and airport development and also provided their invaluable services in land development and alienation, land Reforms and land dispute resolution activities

Technological improvements have been utilized and better service to community and also to public and private enterprises are provided with utilizing satellite technologies, Unmanned aerial vehicles and Information technology. being a people friendly department. Government plan to survey 1.1 million land parcels has been the present challenge to the department and we are progressing towards developing a comprehensive land information system to be used for better land administration.

Bim Saviya Program where Survey Department is working very closely with other stakeholder departments is to strengthen the land ownership of the country. Nearly one million surveyed land parcels are in the Land Information system and can be accessed through the departmental web site

Disaster management is also an area where Survey Department is heavily involved. Geospatial information is critical in flood and landslide mitigation and disaster risk reduction activities. Data acquired through LiDAR technology with the help of Japanese Government in Colombo, Gampaha, Kaluthara, Kegalle, Nuwara Eliya and Badulla districts have been extensively used by relevant agencies and extremely useful.

Maps and geospatial information created by Survey Department also have been very popular among all users including planners, administrators, scientists and also among school children and general public. National Atlas of Sri Lanka which has been a state of the art product of Survey Department has been published in all three languages and School Atlas has been published recently for use of school children.

Survey Department is presently engaged in many national development activities including highway projects, Irrigation schemes and lands for investment, taking them as a national requirement going beyond the regular duty concept.

I make this an opportunity to thank all the staff engaged in Surveying, Mapping and Geospatial Information capture and management and other supporting services who contributed towards providing better services to the nation even under adverse working conditions with commitment and dedication and under the flag of survey department as a team.

I also should thank all staff served in the survey department in the past for their exemplary services and dedication towards meeting the challenges at this occasion of commemorating two hundred and seventeenth anniversary of Survey Department.

We have great challenges ahead and I expect your continued dedication and commitment to meet them as a team and to become the best department in the country and to provide even better services to the nation.

I remain here wishing you all good luck and success and also to the Survey Department who is the Pioneer in National Development.


Surveyor General of Sri Lanka

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Three awards received by the Survey Department in National Productivity Award Competition in 2015.

1.Provincial Surveyor General Office-North Western - 3rd Place

2.Surveyor Generals Office - Special Commendation

3.Institute of Surveying & Mapping - Special Commendation

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