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National Topographic Map Data/Information

There are three map and data series produced by the Sri Lanka Survey Department in three (03) scales such as

  1. 1:250 000 – 250K
  2. 1:50 000 – 50K
  3. 1: 10 000 – 10K

Topographic Information in 250K: Digitized version of existing 250,000 topographic maps is available for users in digital shape file format. The significant feature of this data set is the seamless dataset that covers the entire country
Surveyor General released this dataset free of charge for its customers.
User can download this dataset from this site, appear in the download tab. Printed map is available in four sections. Users can purchase flex printed/individual section of the map from Survey department sales outlet.

Topographic Information in 1:50K :The entire country is divided into 92 tiles and each tile represent one map.Since 3 tiles in the eastern coast are combined with adjoinjing tiles there are only 89 printed map sheets to cover the entire country. Topographic information of this series is available in digital and printed format. Information about these maps can be obtained by entering the tab below.

50K Topo Map Index

Topographic Information in 1:10K : In this series one 50K tile is divided into 25 tiles and each tile represent one 10k map.There should be 1834 number of 10K maps to cover the entire country.Out of which more than 85% is available now. Information about this series is also available in digital and some sheets in printed format.  By clicking tab below users can obtain information about these maps.

10K Topo Map Index


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3.Institute of Surveying & Mapping - Special Commendation

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